Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Creative nonfiction embraces genres from memoir to reportage, travel, criticism, history, science, polemic and more, and that’s without even bringing up the multitude of voices, languages and styles it encompasses. It’s a lively and often messy arena where the definition of “factual” has often been handled just as creatively as vocabulary, … Read more

Advanced Poetry Workshop *COURSE FULL*

donna stonecipher

A 5-week poetry workshop with award-winning poet Donna Stonecipher, PhD, author of five books of poetry. This class will consist of two components: an exploration of successful poems, and a workshop. Participants will submit 10 pages of poetry in two rounds of five on a rotating schedule, and receive constructive feedback from everyone in an … Read more

Deep Reading 2

‘Read!’ is good advice for those who want to get better at writing – but how exactly do we learn from reading and turn inspiration into craft? This workshop teaches the basics of Deep Reading, a patient, critical, mindful way of engaging with literature. Over seven weeks, we’ll take closer looks at selected writings by … Read more


Essays are something alive. Flexible, ambiguous, mercurial, essays roam wildly and widely. An essay can be about the death of a moth or oranges. It can confront your worst heartbreak or the legacy of the Stasi. It can take shape as a breathless, un-ending paragraph, or emerge from fragments. The essay is a journey where … Read more

Screenwriting: Writing the Short Screenplay

Do you have an idea that you’ve been wanting to bring to the screen but are not quite sure how? Do you want to start a screenplay but are not quite sure where to begin, or do you simply want to learn the ins and outs of writing a really good screenplay? WRITING THE SHORT … Read more

Writing Poems all the Time

This workshop is designed for both experienced writers and total beginners, working in any genre. We will focus on generating new poems and writing and creating a sustainable writing practice.  In this workshop we will both discuss ways to write poems “all the time”, and also ask ourselves the questions…why make poems? And why do … Read more

The Flash Fiction Factory

This seven week course will provide a creative jolt, an invigorating atmosphere designed to get you writing a number of very short fictions. The goal here is simple: literary production, with a premium placed on precision, brevity, and formal invention. We’ll look to classic and contemporary fiction for inspiration; we’ll also dive deep into myths, … Read more

The New Year’s Fiction Workshop

What kind of stories do you want to tell, and what is the best way of telling them? Open to writers of all levels, this seven-week workshop will allow you to experiment with and develop your own writing, with an eye to generating stories that are efficient, loaded, and urgent. In the first half of … Read more

The Fiction Workshop *COURSE FULL*

How do you become the writer you want to be? This seven-week writing workshop will arm you with all the tools necessary to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page. The first half of the course will concentrate on the craft of fiction, using examples from contemporary authors as a jumping … Read more

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