Advanced Poetry Workshop *COURSE FULL*

donna stonecipher

A 5-week poetry workshop with award-winning poet Donna Stonecipher, PhD, author of five books of poetry. This class will consist of two components: an exploration of successful poems, and a workshop. Participants will submit 10 pages of poetry in two rounds of five on a rotating schedule, and receive constructive feedback from everyone in an … Read more

The Flash Fiction Factory

This seven week course will provide a creative jolt, an invigorating atmosphere designed to get you writing a number of very short fictions. The goal here is simple: literary production, with a premium placed on precision, brevity, and formal invention. We’ll look to classic and contemporary fiction for inspiration; we’ll also dive deep into myths, … Read more

The New Year’s Fiction Workshop

What kind of stories do you want to tell, and what is the best way of telling them? Open to writers of all levels, this seven-week workshop will allow you to experiment with and develop your own writing, with an eye to generating stories that are efficient, loaded, and urgent. In the first half of … Read more

The Plot Workshop (April 9th)

The Plot Workshop is a new weekend workshop event that will help you explore, expand and finesse the plot of your novel or novel idea. In this highly interactive space, you, as a participant, will work with the novelist Ben Fergusson and four other writers to explore your plot in detail, to iron out the sticking … Read more

Finding and Forming Your Material with Olivia Parkes (Mar. 19)

Do you want your work to get weirder and wilder, experiment with form, or find new ways to break through creative blocks? In this one-day generative fiction workshop you will experiment with form and find new ways to break through creative blocks. Master story writer, Olivia Parkes will guide you in developing a personal trove … Read more

Memoir and Personal Essay: Finding the Right Structure to Tell our Stories with Shayna Goodman (Feb 19/20) *ONLINE*

When we set out to write an essay, we often feel compelled to construct it chronologically toward an internal change for the better—an “aha!” moment. However, our lives rarely lead to such a neat resolution. Our memories are fallible, fragmented, and sometimes atemporal. If we embrace this truth, we can discover unique ways of telling … Read more

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