The Circus

The Reader BerlinThe Circus Hotel and KLAK Verlag proudly present the 10 winners of the 2019 Berlin Writing Prize in an anthology.

Berlin is a city of ideas. Wherever you look, someone’s dreams are coming to life. And what better theme than „The Circus“ for a writing prize arising from one of the world’s most exciting, independent literary scenes? Selected from over 350 entries by judges Sophie Mackintosh, May-Lan Tan, Elnathan John, Martin Jankowski, Katrin Schönig and Victoria Gosling, this collection will engage, intrigue and surprise you: from a personal essay about a heart transplant, to tall tales of alien abduction; from a circle-shaped essay-constellation on bears, to stories of sisterhood, transformation, rebellion and resistance. Prepare to be captivated.

The anthology brings you fresh, original writing by first-prize winner S.K. Perry, runners-up Victoria Manifold and Anbara Salam, and shortlisted authors …

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Home is Elsewhere

The Reader Berlin presents Home is Elsewhere, an anthology showcasing ten unique writing talents. Virginia Woolf said that a room of one’s own was prerequisite to producing good writing. In 2017, The Circus Hotel generously offered one author their own luxury apartment in the heart of Berlin for a one-month residency – and the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize was on!

The Reader Berlin invited submissions from both published and unpublished writers resident anywhere in the world on the theme Home is Elsewhere. Our aim was to promote fresh, original writing and provide a platform for emerging writing talent. Judges included award-winning author Irenosen Okojie, author and creative director Michael Salu, SAND editor Florian Duijsens, writer and publisher Paul Scraton, and The Circus Hotel’s own Katrin Schönig.

This anthology brings together the ten brilliant winning pieces, chosen from the hundreds of entries submitted…

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Tales from Another Country

Our first ever book, produced in partnership with Another Country Bookshop and with the expertise of The Curved House. And what a beauty it is! Available as an ebook for download to all e-readers for a very reasonable €3.99, you can also buy your very own print copy by visiting Sophia Raphaeline amongst the shelves of … Read more

Streets of Berlin

The Reader Berlin brings you ten award-winning contemporary short stories in this anthology of fresh and original writing. Compiled from the winners of 2015’s competition, these tales showcase the distinctive voices of ten emerging talents. United only by the city that inspired them, they bear witness to one of the world’s greatest, most mutable cities: … Read more

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