Tales from Another Country

CoverAnotherCountryOur first ever book, produced in partnership with Another Country Bookshop and with the expertise of The Curved House. And what a beauty it is! Available as an ebook for download to all e-readers for a very reasonable €3.99, you can also buy your very own print copy by visiting Sophia Raphaeline amongst the shelves of Another Country Bookshop. Price? Depends on how interesting Sophia thinks you are apparently, but around €7.99 on average.

In 2012, The Reader Berlin and ‘one of the world’s greatest bookshops’ (BBC Travel) invited writers to share their stories featuring Another Country. The judges were Sharmaine Lovegrove (Dialogue Books), Kenneth Macleod (THE INCIDENT, Wiedenfeld & Nicolson) and Jen Hewson (Rogers, Coleridge & White). This book is an anthology of the winning entries, a showcase of new writing talent and a tribute to a very special venue. 

Contributors include: Victoria Gosling, Sophia Raphaeline, Ambika Thompson, Marcus Speh, Johanne Da Rocha Abreu, Brittani Sonnenberg, Pippa Anais Gaubert, Neil Bristow & Bronwyn Carter.

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