Home is Elsewhere

The Reader Berlin presents Home is Elsewhere, an anthology showcasing ten unique writing talents. Virginia Woolf said that a room of one’s own was prerequisite to producing good writing. In 2017, The Circus Hotel generously offered one author their own luxury apartment in the heart of Berlin for a one-month residency – and the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize was on!

The Reader Berlin invited submissions from both published and unpublished writers resident anywhere in the world on the theme Home is Elsewhere. Our aim was to promote fresh, original writing and provide a platform for emerging writing talent. Judges included award-winning author Irenosen Okojie, author and creative director Michael Salu, SAND editor Florian Duijsens, writer and publisher Paul Scraton, and The Circus Hotel’s own Katrin Schönig.

This anthology brings together the ten brilliant winning pieces, chosen from the hundreds of entries submitted… Alongside competition winner Dolores Walshe, are runners up Alissa Jones Nelson, Jodie Noel Vinson, Pippa Goldschmidt, Daisy Johnson, Amy Lee Lillard, Sophie Mackintosh, Lizzie Roberts, Sharlene Teo and Lei Wang.

Reading them is a pleasure, publishing them an honour. Each author has taken the theme and interpreted it in an entirely singular way – from Sophie Mackintosh’s raw and wringing Holiday with T, to the mysterious journey hinted at in Daisy Johnson’s Sylvia; from the disintegrating home in Head like a Hole by Amy Lee Lillard, to Lei Wang’s elegant meditation on the meaning of home in FLYING LESSONS.

Available both as an ebook and paperback edition, you can buy your copy direct from epubli, from amazon.de or amazon.co.uk. Please note, while our kindle edition is available on both amazon platforms, if you would like the paperback edition, please order it from amazon.de for the best deal – or come to one of our events where you can pick up a copy in person!


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