Imagining the City with Sanders Isaac Bernstein

In this 1-day workshop we’ll think about how we can imagine the city. We’ll draw inspiration from works on Berlin by writers like Else Lasker-Schüler, Audre Lorde, and Musa Okwonga, and use them as prompts to render our own worlds. We’ll then look to some of the most fantastic city fabulists, like Italo Calvino and William … Read more

Dr. Shukla’s Writing Surgery Nov. 27/28

Join Nikesh Shukla for a weekend workshop in which the acclaimed and prolific author will don his surgical gown, sharpen his scalpel and address all your writing concerns, bugbears and issues. Nikesh will address topics like Process, Plotting, Character, Publishing, but with room to go off-piste. He’ll share his knowledge and experience, invite participants to pose their questions, … Read more

Experiment with Fiction with Sharlene Teo

Are you a fan of experimental fiction? Or perhaps you just feel stuck in a rut and want your work to get weirder, wilder, freer? Join rising star Sharlene Teo on October 23 for a creative writing workshop that will shake up your writing practice. Featuring dreamstorming, Emojis, story bags and inanimate narrators, the workshop will strengthen … Read more

Beyond Dystopia: Authoring the Future with Season Butler

Following her sold-out workshop last year, Season is back for another round… Fiction writing is a technology of possibility, using imagination in the service of world-making. Whether we are working in literary realism or speculative genres like sci-fi and fantasy, can we use fiction to write the futures we want to see? Looking at examples … Read more

Pitch Then Draft: Your Starter Kit to Publishing Non-Fiction Articles with Mikaella Clements

Ready to talk politics? Desperate to review your favourite book? Want to dive deep on a cultural icon? Have some things to say about climate change, or virtual communities, or Cardi B? Whatever the topic, this workshop will prepare you to find publications, connect with editors, pitch your article and prepare your first draft. The … Read more

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