Contemporary Poetry with Rachael Allen – April 27th *COURSE FULL*

Rachael Allen

A fantastic opportunity for those who write and love poetry to work with Rachael Allen, author of Kingdomland (Faber, 2019) and poetry editor at GRANTA, this workshop is a must for all Berlin-based poets, both beginners and those with significant poetry writing experience. In class, we’ll be reading from the best of contemporary poetry, undertaking … Read more

How to Write a Graphic Novel – April 14th *COURSE FULL*

Graphic novels are increasingly popular and recognized throughout the literary world. However, it’s not as simple as writing a story and adding in illustrations afterwards; rather it is a constant synthesis of words and images. Behind each graphic novel lies a compelling text that must include indications for visual cues—much like a movie. As a … Read more

Once More With Feeling

The job of the writer is to make the reader feel something, whether it’s joy or hope, disgust or sadness. But engaging the reader on an emotional level is not always as easy as it seems…if you’ve ever wondered how to make your fiction more emotionally affecting, then this is the workshop for you. Often, … Read more

Last Year’s Words, New Year’s Resolution: A Short Story & Flash Fiction Workshop

Commit 2018 to fiction with an immersive short story and flash fiction workshop. Divya Ghelani invites you to reimagine and repurpose last year’s headlines, photographs, songs, films, poems, to create short stories and flash fictions that welcome the new year. What better way to start 2019 than with tons of momentum for your writing? Participants … Read more

Kickstart Your Writing #2 – December 8th & 9th

Are you ready for the next level? Following on from Victoria Gosling and Jane Flett’s acclaimed Kickstart Your Writing course, this 2-day writers’ bootcamp will focus on the building blocks of creative writing in a supportive, fun and inspiring environment. The course will feature all new writing exercises based on developing your writing practice and craft-based sessions that explore crucial elements to writing compelling fiction. On Saturday, alongside exploring the role setting plays in your work, we’ll also be digging deeper into characterisation. Sunday morning will be devoted to the engines of story: conflict, antagonists, tension, and foreshadowing. In the afternoon, we’ll look at finding the deeper themes in your work. Finally, we’ll share the secrets to some opportunities beyond the world of literary journals: residencies, grants, chapbooks and more! You’ll discover fabulous authors and revisit the greats, scribble till your arm hurts and finally leave energised with new tools, new perspectives and new comrades.

Read more

October 20th: Writing for Children and Young Adults with Jessica Miller *COURSE FULL*

Writing for Children and Young Adults Good children’s writing – like any good writing – requires a tightly-crafted plot, memorable characters, and sentences that jump off the page. But when writing for children you also need to think about how to create a story that resonates with younger readers. How to deal sensitively with the … Read more

November 24th & 25th: Here & Elsewhere: Place Writing with Paul Scraton and Marcel Krueger

Here & Elsewhere: Place Writing with Paul Scraton and Marcel Krueger Whether you are writing essays, blogs, a journal of your travels or the story that will become a novel, creating a strong sense of place is crucial. Suitable for anyone interested in turning the sights, sounds and soul of place into engaging prose, this … Read more

Nature Writing

This August, join The Reader Berlin for a stunning day out. Fiction or non-fiction, every story has a setting. Evoking details of place, landscape, and nature helps to draw readers into your story. Drawing on the broad genre of nature writing, this workshop will hone your descriptive skills and attention to the natural world. From … Read more

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