Eat Your Words: A Workshop of Food & Writing

Eat Me. Drink Me. and Counter Service present:

Eat Your Words: A Workshop of Food & Writing

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a “food writing” workshop. It’s a writing workshop that
uses food as a tool and looks at it as a place of access and entry into writing about memory,
experience, shame, desire, nostalgia, etc. All the good stuff.

We’ll be parsing apart how food inspires and propels good fiction and poetry, practice getting
away from food clichés, and exploring sensuality, memory, first impressions, and
imagination through flash exercises, writing prompts, and spirited discussions. And did we
mention the interactive dinner party?

Join Eat Me. Drink Me. and Counter Service for two days of food, wine, fun, and the chance
to explore your writing in a whole new way. Without resorting to clichés like that.
Space is limited. To sign up, we’re asking for a deposit of €15. To reserve your spot, please
email Lyz at

* Day 1 runs from 3:00-6:00 pm and is followed by a dinner; Day 2 runs from 10:00 am-3:00

Lyz Pfister is the blogger behind Eat Me. Drink Me., a food and culture blog that looks at
who we are through what we eat. She’s also the former editor-in- chief and poetry editor of
SAND, Berlin’s English-language literary journal, so she knows some stuff about words.

Josh Hamlet is the editor of Counter Service, a publication featuring stories, photography,
and art from restaurant industry insiders, upstarts, and wunderkinds. A restaurant industry
insider himself, with an impressive list of pop-ups to his name, he’s based in New York.

Image credit: Sarah Boisjoli

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