Reinvigorate your Writing Practice with S.K. Perry

(Sept. 3 & 4, 2022) Remember when writing was fun? This course consists of a 30 minute one-to-one (in-person or ONLINE) with Sarah on September 3, and a group workshop on September 4. During the one-to-one you will work through specific creative blocks with Sarah. The second day will be consist of play and experimentation to help … Read more

Writing The Body with Marieke Bigg

(July 9, 2022) We experience life in and through our bodies – but when did you last read a book in any genre that really captured embodied experience? This course is about reclaiming the body as an important subject and portal in writing in order to help you claim your narrative voice. It is suitable … Read more

The Deep Reading Workshop with Michael Duszat

(April 23, 2022) Great literature is an immense source of know-how for writers; deep reading is the art of exploring it. Even in times of constant distraction, and without knowing much about literary history, it will help you understand and learn from the most challenging, bold, and original texts, encouraging you to take your own … Read more

The Plot Workshop with Ben Fergusson

(June 11, 2022) The Plot Workshop is a new weekend workshop event that will help you explore, expand and finesse the plot of your novel or novel idea. In this highly interactive space, you, as a participant, will work with the novelist Ben Fergusson and four other writers to explore your plot in detail, to iron … Read more

Finding and Forming Your Material with Olivia Parkes

(Mar. 19, 2022) Do you want your work to get weirder and wilder, experiment with form, or find new ways to break through creative blocks? In this one-day generative fiction workshop you will experiment with form and find new ways to break through creative blocks. Master story writer, Olivia Parkes will guide you in developing … Read more

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