Find Your Muse – An Expressive Writing Workshop

Dimitra Didangelou is a novelist and psychologist who works with writers to free their creativity. Procrastination and avoidance affect beginners and published authors alike; second-guessing and self-criticism can sabotage all of us. Join Dimitra for a workshop that focuses on overcoming the blocks that inhibit writing freely, connecting with inspiration and expressing your voice without … Read more

Advanced Fiction with Ben Fergusson

Led by award-winning novelist Ben Fergusson, this exclusive weekend seminar is designed
for writers who are ready to take their fiction to the next level. Covering both long- and short-
fiction, this session will focus on discussions, practical exercises and prompts to help you
hone your sentences, develop character and iron out the bumps in your writing.

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Eat Your Words: A Workshop of Food & Writing

Eat Me. Drink Me. and Counter Service present:

Eat Your Words: A Workshop of Food & Writing

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a “food writing” workshop. It’s a writing workshop that
uses food as a tool and looks at it as a place of access and entry into writing about memory,
experience, shame, desire, nostalgia, etc. All the good stuff.

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Starting to Write, Finding Your Voice

STARTING TO WRITE, FINDING YOUR VOICE Voice is a mysterious subject. As writers, sometimes the struggle is not with what we have to say, but in finding the right way to say it. Join award winning-author Irenosen Okojie for a workshop in which the subject of voice will be thoroughly investigated. Over the course of the … Read more

Discover the Poet Inside

Have you always wanted to write poetry, but never known how to start? Or maybe you already have a practice, and are looking for a good excuse to spend a weekend delving deeper? This is a rare chance to work with the award-winning poet and live artist Ryan Van Winkle, who we’re bringing over from Scotland … Read more


Stories can entrance, engage, even possess us.  Every one of us has a story to tell; factual or fictional, cool documentary or heartfelt family journey, practical travelogue or sparkling flight of the imagination.  But to become an accomplished storyteller one needs time, a conducive environment, and sensitive guides to direct and refine individual talent. In … Read more

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