Marketing 101 for Creatives with Kyomi Wade

This workshop is a two-day bootcamp for creatives who want to learn how to promote themselves and their work more effectively. Whether you’re a writer, artist, designer, crafter or musician, you’ll learn how to think like a marketer and apply what you learn to shine a spotlight onto the great work you do. You’ll leave with a better understanding of marketing, useful tools to create your own materials and your own mini-marketing plan.

On Day 1 we’ll start with some research. You’ll take a look at successful and inspirational examples in your field, analyse how they are branding and marketing themselves, find out what is working well and think about how you fit into the overall landscape. We’ll then go into what is called ‘positioning’ where you will identify what your brand is through a series of key questions.

On Day 2 we’ll focus on execution, taking a look at marketing channels, such as social media accounts, personal websites and newsletters. We’ll apply your *new* knowledge of your brand to these channels and undertake practical exercises. We’ll help you decide which are the best channels for you and help you decide what content you should be offering. Lastly we’ll be sharing all the most useful websites and time-saving tricks so you’ll work effectively and ensure whatever you create looks super professional.

This workshop is suitable for any creator in any field. Although the workshop is for beginners, we’ll give you expert insights and tools used by experienced marketing professionals, which will be beneficial for those who know a little bit about marketing already.

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Kyomi Wade is a British writer and digital marketer based in Berlin, with over 8 years experience in content and performance marketing. She is also the founder of WADED—an educational, lifestyle and creative brand for the modern marketer. Facebook ads marketer by day, and writer by night and weekends, Kyomi, also known as Wading Wade, writes on topics such as travel, life and marketing. @kyomiwade


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