Pitch Then Draft: Your Starter Kit to Publishing Non-Fiction Articles with Mikaella Clements

Ready to talk politics? Desperate to review your favourite book? Want to dive deep on a cultural icon? Have some things to say about climate change, or virtual communities, or Cardi B?

Whatever the topic, this workshop will prepare you to find publications, connect with editors, pitch your article and prepare your first draft. The world of pitching and securing bylines can be complex and unclear, but there are standard formulas, useful templates and patterns of thinking that make it a breeze. Over two days, we’ll investigate pitching best practices, how to organise your workflow and structure your drafts, and a whole host of tips for finding and landing the bylines you want.

The first day will teach you how to nail your pitch so that someone wants you to write for them. Think eye-grabbing headlines, timely details, and how to show off your writing chops in a concise paragraph. On the second day, we’ll look at making sure the first draft is in the best possible shape for your editor… so you can be sure they’ll want you to write for them again!

Mikaella Clements has spent over five years publishing cultural commentary, interviews, reporting and reviews for publications including the New York Times, the Guardian, the TLS, the LA Review of Books, Buzzfeed, and many others. She is also the co-author of The View Was Exhausting, a modern love story interrogating celebrity, identity and privacy which she wrote with her wife Onjuli Datta, due out in July 2021 from Grand Central Publishing and Headline Review.

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