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Donna Stonecipher

DONNA STONECIPHER is the author of four books of poetry, including The Cosmopolitan, which won the National Poetry Series competition. Her work has been published in The Paris Review, amongst others…. Read more »

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller is the author of gothic middle-grade novel Elizabeth and Zenobia. Published in Australia (Text), North America (Abrams) and the U.K (Faber) and soon to be translated into Turkish,… Read more »

Gijs Van Koningsveld

GIJS VAN KONINGSVELD is a freelance writer, editor and translator specialising in the fields of design, popular culture and the humanities. He is the founder and director of November Editions,… Read more »

Michael Duszat

Michael Duszat holds a Dr. phil. in American Literature from Humboldt University Berlin. He writes collage essays, found poetry, and criticism, both in English and German . He has written about the… Read more »

Marcel Krueger

Marcel Krueger is a German writer and translator living in Dundalk in Ireland and mainly writes about places, their history and the journeys in between. For Berlin – A Literary… Read more »

Paul Scraton

Paul Scraton is a British-born writer and editor, based in Berlin. He is the editor in chief of Elsewhere: A Journal of Place and the author of a number of… Read more »