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Rachael Allen

RACHAEL ALLEN’s first collection of poems, KINGDOMLAND, was published by Faber & Faber in 2019. Her collaboration with the painter Marie Jacotey, NIGHTS OF POOR SLEEP, was published as a co-authored artists’… Read more »

Nikesh Shukla

NIKESH SHUKLA is the author of three novels. Most recently, he authored the critically acclaimed The One Who Wrote Destiny (2018). His debut novel, Coconut Unlimited, was shortlisted for the Costa First… Read more »

Sophie Mackintosh

SOPHIE MACKINTOSH was born in South Wales in 1988 and is currently based in London. Her fiction, essays and poetry have been published by Granta, The White Review, The New York Times,… Read more »

Ben Fergusson

BEN FERGUSSON is an award-winning novelist. He was born in Southampton in 1980 and grew up near Didcot in Oxfordshire. He currently teaches at the University of Potsdam. ​Ben’s debut… Read more »

Season Butler

SEASON BUTLER is a writer, artist, dramaturg and lecturer in Performance Studies and Creative Writing. Her writing, research and art practice centre around intersectionality and narratives of otherness, isolation and negotiations… Read more »

Saskia Vogel

SASKIA VOGEL is from Los Angeles and lives in Berlin, where she works as a writer and Swedish-to-English literary translator. Permission (Dialogue Books/Coach House Books), her debut novel was published… Read more »

Ryan Van Winkle

RYAN VAN WINKLE is a poet, live artist, podcaster and critic living in Edinburgh. His second collection, The Good Dark, won the Saltire Society’s 2015 Poetry Book of the Year award. His… Read more »

Mikaella Clements

MIKAELLA CLEMENTS is the co-author of The View Was Exhausting, a modern love story interrogating celebrity, identity and privacy which she wrote with her wife Onjuli Datta, due out in… Read more »

Kyomi Wade

KYOMI WADE is a British writer and digital marketer based in Berlin, with over 8 years experience in content and performance marketing. She is also the founder of WADED—an educational,… Read more »

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