Susanna Forrest

SUSANNA FORREST is the author of two critically acclaimed nonfiction titles that incorporate history, travel, memoir and reportage. Her latest, The Age of the Horse, is published by Atlantic Books in the UK and Atlantic Monthly Press in the USA. It’s currently being translated into Japanese by Hara Shobo. Described as “outstanding” (The Times) and a “work of art” (Booklist), it’s been an Amazon best-seller in the UK and Australia.

Susanna’s written for the New York Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Times and others, and got her first break editing and commissioning writers like Michel Faber, DBC Pierre and Sarah Hall at the Erotic Review magazine. In 2016 she won the Sophie Coe Prize for an essay on food history.


After doing two courses with Susanna, I can say that she single-handedly inspired me to keep writing. She has a keen eye for what works and  what needs tweaking, a knack for finding the right words to motivate you, was always fair and considerate to everyone in the room but still managed to give hugely important criticism, did not talk for the sake of it but only when it mattered — in short, she is an absolutely fantastic and gifted teacher!”
– Lucy Jones

Susanna’s CNF group was my introduction to “writing the real.” I wanted to experiment with my writing voice, deepen craft skills and form writerly friendships. One happy customer here. Plus, I am very proud of the piece I wrote with Susanna’s expert feedback.
– Clementine Burley

I did Susanna Forrest’s Creative Non-Fiction parts one and two, and it’s honestly not an exaggeration to say it was life-changing. She led us through discussions that made me interrogate my own work in new ways, and taught me how to continue learning from the writing I admire. The energy in those sessions has carried through and our group are still meeting to share work and talk ideas many months after the end of course. I think we’re all very grateful to Susanna for bringing us together!
– Ruby Russell

I took Susanna Forrest’s advanced nonfiction class and it absolutely exceeded my expectations. She provides an excellent structure and class environment in which to explore, ideate, and of course get down to work. The readings and other materials she provides are exceptional and never excessive, and her feedback is always astute, on point and encouraging. I started the course with a very rough draft and ended it with something ready for submission. I would highly recommend the course, and Susanna as an instructor.
– Maree Hamilton

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