Why The Circus Hotel supports the Berlin Writing Prize

  We talked to Berlin native and The Circus Hotel‘s manager Katrin Schönig. She is for the second time part of the jury team of the Berlin Writing Prize. We talked to her about Berlin, her interest in Literature, and why The Circus Hotel is involved in the writing competition.         You are … Read more

“Hier und Jetzt” – Dolores Walshe on her residency

Dolores Walshe (right) with writer and Elsewhere’s Paul Scraton and Lotte   Dolores Walshe won the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize for her short story ‘The Wooden Box’. She stayed at The Circus Hotel for one-month in January/February 2018. During her stay she was also a guest at The British Council Seminar, and read (together with … Read more

How to Run a Writing Prize

This is the first in our series of 2019 Berlin Writing Prize interviews. This time we caught up with Victoria Gosling, Reader Berlin and Berlin Writing Prize founder. Victoria established The Reader Berlin in 2011 after moving to Berlin in 2008 from the UK. You first ran a writing competition in 2012. This year, it’s … Read more

The Reader Insider – The Web For Writers

Words by Dan Ayres As part of our series of articles aimed at you lovely writers in Berlin and beyond, we’ve curated a selection of helpful online resources to assist you on your writing odyssey. Whilst undoubtedly the web can be a hive of distractions, what with all the viral kitties and tempting baking shows, … Read more

The Reader Insider – Top Places To Write In Berlin

Words by Dan Ayres Whilst Berlin is undoubtedly a fantastic place to be a writer, there is one thing we can all agree on – distractions abound! From the constant lure of the city’s many lakes to the techno music pumping incessantly from your next door neighbours, it can be hard to find the right … Read more

The Reader Insider – Literary Events in Berlin

Words by Dan Ayres If you’re anything like me, it’s not just Berlin’s wild nightlife, liberal attitude and abundance of cheap booze that keeps you captivated. The city is also a positive Shangri-La for those of a literary persuasion, with more reading nights than you can shake a battered old Christopher Isherwood book at. However, … Read more

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