Rebekah Powell

Kate’s realistic: she will tell you how it is and she’s won’t shy away from the hard truths. But she’s incredibly kind and encouraging, turning everything into an opportunity for growth, and always seeing the good in a writer’s work Rebekah Powell

Emma Holm

A workshop that taught me how good structure in a story is as important as the writing itself. Emma Holm, author of Skäl (Modernista)

Brigid Delaney

The Reader provides not only encouragement but a critical eye which is crucial when developing any work – whether it be a novel, non-fiction or short stories – for publication. Victoria’s able to see the ‘big picture’ or what you are trying to do in your work when you are too close to see it … Read more

Kenneth Macleod

Victoria Gosling is my best and first choice reader. I have huge respect for her judgement and I couldn’t have finished my novel without her Kenneth Macleod, author of The Incident (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

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