Writing Poems all the Time: online Fall Edition

Course tutor: Sara Larsen
When: Tuesdays 19:00-21:00
Date: October 17, 2023
Number of sessions: 7
Maximum participants: 12
Cost: €200

This workshop is designed for both experienced writers and total beginners, working in any genre. We will focus on generating new poems and writing and creating a sustainable writing practice. 

In this workshop we will both discuss ways to write poems “all the time”, and also ask ourselves the questions…why make poems? And why do it all the time?

A robust practice of writing can be initiated in a lot of unexpected ways, working with our minds, bodies and what we have at hand to make work and keep it going. But it’s  not just prompts and how-to’s…we also have to allow ourselves the ability to let go, sometimes be bad at it, sometimes brilliant, and cultivate some exceptional curiosity about the process in the meantime.

But there’s even more to it, right? Why write poetry? What is its relevance to our lives and our communities? How do we engage with an ongoing commitment to writing? The answers to these questions express our motivations, our dreams, our fears. They can block us or they can propel us forward into a life of creating strong, fascinating and exciting work.

Email Saralarsenpoet@gmail.com to sign up.

Sara Larsen is an American poet living in Berlin. Her fourth book of poetry, Detonated Mirror, is forthcoming in 2023 from The Elephants Press. Previous books include The Riot Grrrl Thing (Roof Books), Merry Hell (Atelos Press) and All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous (Printing Press). Recent poems have appeared at The Brooklyn Rail, NEW: The Journal of American Poetry, and Nouvelle poésie des États-Unis: Nioques. 

She has read her work widely, including at Cambridge University, University of California Berkeley, California College of the Arts, the St. Mark’s Poetry Project in New York, and Double Change in Paris. She was a recipient of the Berlin Senate Research Stipend 2021. Readings, performances, and publications can be found at www.saralarsenpoet.com


Sara Larsen’s course, Writing Poems All the Time, was like a magical toolbox of ideas, prompts, games, to jump start poems and poetic language. I came to it as an absolute beginner in the genre, and now find myself, well, wanting to write poems all the time. Besides writing a few poems I’m proud of, the greater gift is having poetry as a way to pay attention to the world and to myself.
Irina Dumitrescu
“I took part in the last iteration of Writing Poems All the Time and not only is Sara Larsen an amazing, gentle, sensitive and intelligent educator, who taught me a lot, but I also met a great community of lovely peers interested in writing poetry. I fully recommend signing up and writing poems together (all the time)!”
Katharina Ludwig
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