Fantastic Forms: A Poetry Starter Kit with Sara Larsen

Event Date:

June 25, 2022

Event Time:

13:00 CEST

Event Location:

The Circus Hotel Rosenthaler Str. 1 Berlin 10119

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Schedule Details

  • June 25, 2022 13:00 CEST   -   17:30 CEST
Total Seats: 11

Have you always wanted to write poetry, but don’t know how to start? Maybe you already write poems and are looking for a good excuse to spend a weekend delving deeper? Maybe your writing feels  a little bland and you want to explore other forms that could help you break out of old patterns.


In this single-day poetry workshop, renowned poet, editor and performer Sara Larsen will guide you through a series of exercises and discussions to help you unearth your unique poetic voice.


You will immerse yourself in a variety of poetic forms from across the globe – the sonnet, ballad, ghazal, pantoum, ode, tanka and more (!) —and practice composing your own poems. You will study each form in-depth, while also engaging with avant-garde approaches that break, subvert, and reinvent the forms. You’ll both learn the rules AND learn how to break them, so you can explore possibilities outside your pre-established writing boundaries. This class will be engaging, experimental, playful and generative. You will walk away with a clutch of new poems and a multitude of ideas for your future work, whatever genre or form it may be.


This workshop is open to complete beginners and experienced writers alike. It is encouraged for poets and writers of all genres (be that fiction or nonfiction) with an interest in exploring different forms to enrich and expand their writing practice.

Sara Larsen is an American poet living in Berlin. Her most recent book is a polyvocal exploration of punk and poetics, The Riot Grrrl Thing (Roof Books). Previous books include Merry Hell (Atelos Press) and All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous (Printing Press) – recent poems have appeared at Brooklyn Rail, NoMaterialism, and Nioques. She has been a visiting writer at Cambridge University, University of California Berkeley, California College of the Arts, among others, and was a recipient of the Berlin Senate Research Stipend 2021. Readings, performances, and publications can be found at

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