“Victoria Gosling is my best and first choice reader. I have huge respect for her judgement and I couldn’t have finished my novel without her.”
Kenneth Macleod, author of The Incident (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

“Jane’s class was a great motivation for me to shut the F up about writing fiction and just do it. Her approach is all about balance, yin and yang, beer and wine… whatever you want to call it, combining structure with spontaneity, hard work with joking. Basically taking the high drama and sense of ordeal out of the art form. The atmosphere was always supportive and open minded, making it easy to hand in that difficult piece or say that taboo thing. Jane led each class effortlessly and discreetly, letting people shine or reining them gently in when needed.  She gave out an energy that showed how much she loved reading as well as writing, learning as well as teaching and I appreciated her honest, generous feedback which made me want to share more.” – Claire Monica Burgess, copywriter in transit

“The Reader provides not only encouragement but a critical eye which is crucial when developing any work – whether it be a novel, non-fiction or short stories – for publication. Victoria’s able to see the ‘big picture’ or what you are trying to do in your work when you are too close to see it for yourself.” Brigid Delaney, journalist (MSN, CNN, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald) and author of This Restless Life (Melbourne University Press), Wild Things (Harper Collins), and Wellmania: Misadventures in Search for Wellness (Nero Books)

“The two sessions I spent workshopping with CJ Hopkins have been unmatched in the growth of my writing. CJ can see the fibers of your piece – how moments, rhythms, the greater structure, voice, image, characters’ desires and characters’ needs culminate into a script. From these fibers, CJ will ask you the question that need be asked of the work — so that you, as the writer, can individually drive your script forward. I so much appreciated his respect for everyone’s individual style, yet seemed to know what next step was needed in each ‘script paradigm’. I could see by the end of each workshop how much his students, myself included, really trusted in his questions and his commentary. At the risk of sounding corny, I’d like to say that the man is in touch with something ancient, and something true, and am so grateful for the opportunity to have gained his insight.” – Aida Curtis, playwright

“I signed up for Susanna Forrest’s Creative Nonfiction course because I wanted to find a way into writing for fun again and, luckily, it was exactly what I needed. I found the sessions really valuable and inspiring. Each meeting was so well-structured and planned and the reading materials Susanna shared with the group were always varied and thought-provoking. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who’s keen to explore the art of writing creative nonfiction.” –  Anna-Marie Fitzgerald

“A workshop that taught me how good structure in a story is as important as the writing itself.” – Emma Holm, author of Skäl (Modernista)

“I’m really enjoying Clare’s course, it’s very well structured with lots of techniques and starting ideas that you can work with later away from the class too. The environment is supportive and safe for new writers, you don’t feel forced into reading things out and the various ways you feel like working with the prompts is encouraged. The only thing that would improve it, is if we could meet more than once a week!” – Zoe Langdell

“I highly recommend Jane Flett’s writing course. She creates a friendly, open, and engaging atmosphere that makes one feel safe, and even inspired, to take chances and be creative. That’s really the highest compliment I can give: before I took Jane’s class, I wanted to write. Now I am writing.” – Sam Loewenberg

“Kate’s realistic: she will tell you how it is and she’s won’t shy away from the hard truths. But she’s incredibly kind and encouraging, turning everything into an opportunity for growth, and always seeing the good in a writer’s work.” – Rebekah Powell 

“Victoria gives great consideration to others, and was hugely popular in my workshop for her gentle straight-talking and unflagging enthusiasm.  I do believe that she genuinely wants the best for the people around her.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Suzannah Dunn, author of Commencing Our Descent, The Queen of Subtleties, The Confession of Katherine Howard, The May Bride, The Lady of Misrule (Little, Brown)

“As a writer often working alone, the workshop has been useful just to have deadlines. More than that though, I’ve always felt CJ’s feedback was carefully considered, and particular to what I have written and where I wanted to take it. I’ve learnt a lot about my writing from listening to CJ talk about it. Even listening to his feedback on other writer’s work has been enormously helpful. Reading other writers’ work, feeding back on it as well as working on my own has forced me to write through many bits where I would otherwise have been stuck. It’s also often helped with where to take early ideas next. I’ve taken CJ’s workshop twice now and look forward to attending in the future.” – Mei Sun, screenwriter

“The Introduction to Creative Writing course with Jane has been the best decision I could’ve taken to kickstart my writing. I love the friendly and dynamic atmosphere of the groups and Jane’s eagerness to guide you through the process of putting your ideas on paper, giving constructive feedback and even reading it with confidence in front of a group. It’s all been so much fun!” – Sharon Mertins

“Donna’s poetry course was brilliant. She’s so knowledgeable about poetry and a hugely inspiring and encouraging tutor. I found her feedback invaluable and it helped a great deal as I prepared my first chapbook for publication. If you love poetry, then you’ll love her course.” – Melanie Sevcenko, author of We Slept in Bodybags, Just in Case (Finishing Line Press)

“I signed up for a workshop with Clare Wigfall because I wanted a shot of energy and inspiration for my creative and scholarly writing. I didn’t really want to spend a lot of time workshopping texts, so Clare’s “Kick Start Your Imagination” course sounded right for me. The workshop is only half done, and already the words are pouring out of me, both in and outside of class. Clare’s exercises are primarily aimed at fiction writing, but I have found them productive for creative non-fiction too. Since beginning the course I have drafted much of an essay I had brewing inside me but couldn’t begin, and have developed outlines for several other pieces inspired in the workshop.”  – Irina Dumitrescu, author of My Father and the Wine, nominated for the MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award

“Jane Flett’s classes are inspiring and she is super organised which make her classes highly enjoyable and also very useful to writers at all levels.” – Anna

“Jane creates an open atmosphere in her courses that is at the same time very accessible to newcomers and very stimulating to experienced writers or returning students. There is a good balance between feedback sessions and exercise-based classes that have both made me a better and more aware writer. Most importantly, I always look forward to spending my Thursday nights writing and talking with Jane and the great group of people in her class.” – Sophie Buchel

“Not only do Victoria Gosling and The Reader provide invaluable services to the writing community in Berlin and further afield, they also strongly connect the literary scenes in the UK and Germany, fostering understanding, collaboration, and working relationships across countries – things that are essential in these dire Brexit times. Not only have I frequently relied on Victoria’s excellent editing and mentoring skills, I also partook in many fantastic The Reader workshops and events and made crucial professional contacts through Victoria. Ever onward, The Reader Berlin.” – Marcel Kreuger, author of Berlin – A Literary Guide for Travellers, and Babushka’s Journey (IB Taurus)

“CJ’s screenwriting workshop has provided me with the motivation and structure I need to write. The feedback from CJ and the group is invaluable and helps bring an incomplete or unformed idea into focus and give it grounding. It is inspiring and fun to read other writer’s work in progress: It seems we are in an array of colorful boats launching from a dock in multiple directions.” – Heather Sinclair, playwright

“CJ’s workshops exceeded my expectations and gave me the motivation to continue writing. It’s very inspiring to work with someone with so much passion for the art of play and screenwriting who treats the work handed in by the participants as seriously as his own. HIs feedback both motivated me and gave me the confidence to explore my ideas further.” – Sharon Mertins, screenwriter

“Kate’s classes/workshops are carefully organized and well thought out. I hate time wasters, and Kate’s approach to the writing process does not waste anyone’s time. She also does not push anyone into uncomfortable rhythms, but it is easy to understand what she is trying to show us, and be inspired by the possibilities – even when like me, you have never studied creative writing in this manner. Through Kate’s guiding workshops I learned about the writing process in ways that I can effectively work through, without being in any way constricted. Kate has a way of conducting her exercises that makes us all look at our own writing with a view to improve it, without disregarding individual voices and styles. The classes also keep one interested, motivated, inspired and agile. I will join any new course’s Kate has, it is not easy to find someone who can teach with goals and objectives while being able to adapt to all new questions or issues from each students. As a woman I have attended plenty of workshops where even though men make up less than a quarter of the group, source materials are 95% male, and men are allowed to occupy a much bigger space in the workshop, they are allowed more speaking time and allowed to interrupt others. This has happened with both male and female workshop teachers. Kate’s methods do not allow for any one voice to take over a disproportionately amount of space, she makes sure people are encouraged to share and space is made for them, without unduly pressuring anyone into speaking.” – Liavali Coquet

“For those who are looking to jump-start their writing, Clare Wigfall’s Creative Writing Workshop is just the ticket. Her well-structured workshops offer highly creative exercises that touch on issues of thematic development, language, and character. It’s also great to meet other writers and to hear about their work. Overall, it’s been a great experience, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”  – Lee H.

“Doing the course with Jane has really helped me with my story crafting. Her lessons are relaxed and enjoyable, where everyone is encouraged to give their opinion and really explore what makes a good piece of fiction. She sends out nuggets of gold in her worksheets between classes, and all of her exercises have been really useful. I just need to make sure I keep up my side of the bargain by doing the homework!”  – Miranda Roszkowski

“What a gift, what a joy to dedicate nine Thursdays to Clare Wigfall’s brilliantly wrought workshops. The thought and care she puts into each session is truly remarkable. Not only does she inspire and energize her students; she also generously shares her hard-won wisdom on the mechanics of writing, unfolding the how of moving from idea to independent piece. Clare sets the tone for class discussions, which are consistently insightful and constructive. I look forward to each session and cannot wait to sign up for another round.” – Sylee Gore

“I have had the privilege of participating in two different courses organized by the Reader- “Introduction to Creative Writing”, taught by Jane Flett, and I am currently taking Clare Wigfall´s “Kickstart your Writing”. I have found both classes to be immensely useful to the aspiring writer in very different ways.  Jane Flett´s class introduced me to the world of writing, and as a novice helped me to gain confidence in developing my skills through her incredibly supportive and encouraging feedback. It also greatly aided me in finding a rhythm and the discipline to persevere with my work. Clare Wigfall´s creative exercises are a constant source of inspiration- the classes provide you with a plethora of ideas, pushing you towards switching your imagination into gear. You mind really “runs free” on paper during Clare´s class and you really find yourself surprised with what you can produce. I would not hesitate to highly recommend both classes especially to those who have always toyed with the idea of writing, but never had the confidence, but also to those who are already professionals, as I am sure there are some valuable skills these courses can add to your talent!” – Allegra Lipanje

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