In March, we were delighted to welcome artist, writer, critic and creative director Michael Salu to the salon…

His readings of his work gave us plenty to chew over: As the underlying structure of how our societies were built are becoming increasingly automated, is our own evolution in sync? What happens to our instinct, desires, and ultimately dreams in a user experience-optimised existence. Why does writing about and through technology still mean ‘science fiction’ to literature? Is ‘beauty’ dead? And how has the evolution of language affected literature?

And what happens when Tinder will only allow you to meet different versions of Marilyn Monroe?

Not only that, but we were treated to a fantastic live-writing competition by our sponsor Visual Verse, music from the ever-fascinating Polly Trope, and the damn finest cocktails in town. Unfortunately, technical problems meant that we can’t offer a podcast this time round. Guess whose going microphone shopping this month?

Michael SaluMichael Salu is a writer, award-winning creative director, art editor/critic and artist. His fiction, non-fiction and art have appeared in a range of publications including Tales of Two Cities and, most recently, the inaugural edition of new literary journal Freeman’s and Salu runs a multi-disciplinary creative consultancy [] and is a co-founder of the cross-disciplinary art event series Local Transport. He is currently finishing a collection of stories and art whilst also working on a script for a feature film. He is the former creative director of Granta Publications.


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