*New* Late Autumn Courses!

Beginning this October, we’ve got great courses to keep your writing on track …


Poetry with Donna Stonecipher – from October 9th

An 8-week poetry workshop with award-winning poet Donna Stonecipher, PhD, author of four books of poetry and one of prose. This class will consist of two components: a discussion-based exploration of poetry, and a workshop. In addition to writing weekly exercises given by Donna, participants will submit their own poems on a rotating schedule and receive constructive feedback from everyone in an informal and supportive workshop setting. Writing comes from reading, so we will also spend time reading others’ poems together and articulating why and how they work. The workshop is appropriate for writers at all levels of experience, from beginners to professionals.

Introduction to Creative Writing with Jane Flett – from October 25th 
Jane Flett, a BBC Radio short story author and one of Salt’s Best British poets, will be running a nine-week course for writers who would like to explore their ideas in fiction, starting on 23rd August. Whether you’re writing prose for the first time or just need the motivation of a deadline to finish that story, the workshop will provide a supportive environment to share your writing and discover how to improve it. Have a read here to find out more.

Creative Practices for Writers with Lucie Stevens – from October 31st

A 5-weeks course to make you a happier and more productive writer! Are you an expert procrastinator? Do you find it hard to write once you’ve sat down at the desk? Perhaps you’re not as focussed as you want to be, or your writing life has lost its joy. Creative Practices for Writers will help you overcome procrastination, self-doubt, fear and frustration, regardless of what genre you’re writing in. By learning a range of techniques and practices (besides the dreaded Pompodoro) you’ll become more productive and happier in your writing life.

Scriptwriting with CJ Hopkins- from November 2nd

Multi-award winning, internationally produced playwright CJ Hopkins (cjhopkins.com) will once again be offering a 7-week scriptwriting workshop for screenwriters and playwrights. Commencing 7th September, participants meet weekly, submit excerpts of their stage- or screenplays on a rotating schedule and receive constructive feedback and personalized mentoring in a supportive and professional setting. Find out more here.

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