Script Translations

Let’s face it, English is the lingua franca of the international art and entertainment worlds. Whether you are writing in German for an international market or pitching German-language work to international production companies, you are going to need English translations of your screenplays, treatments and exposés.

While there are a lot of competent translators out there who can provide you with an accurate translation of what you wrote, translating a webpage or an instruction manual is one thing, and translating a work of art is another. So why not have your German-language work translated into English by an internationally acclaimed, award-winning playwright with several publications and over 20 years’ experience?

Translations of screenplays, treatments and longer texts are normally done on a flat fee basis. Shorter texts are calculated at standard per-line translation rates. Let us know what you need translated, and we will happily provide you with an exact quote for the work.