Sara Larsen

SARA LARSEN is an American poet living in Berlin. Her most recent book is a polyvocal exploration of punk and poetics, The Riot Grrrl Thing (Roof Books). Previous books include Merry Hell (Atelos Press) and All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous (Printing Press) – recent poems have appeared at Brooklyn Rail, NoMaterialism, and Nioques. She has been a visiting writer at Cambridge University, University of California Berkeley, California College of the Arts, among others, and was a recipient of the Berlin Senate Research Stipend 2021. Readings, performances, and publications can be found at



“I took part in the last iteration of Writing Poems All the Time and not only is Sara Larsen an amazing, gentle, sensitive and intelligent educator, who taught me a lot, but I also met a great community of lovely peers interested in writing poetry. I fully recommend signing up and writing poems together (all the time)!”
Katharina Ludwig
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