Programmes – Weeks 1 & 2

Which week is ideal for you and your writing practice? Find out more about the programmes here:

Week One – Friday October 2nd to Friday October 9th

Up to a maximum of thirteen lucky writers will join us at the stunning Vericoco for a series of workshops, one-to-one mentoring, and intimate writing sessions. Award-winning authors Jane Flett and Victoria Gosling will take you on a writing bootcamp with six brand new workshops. From generating new stories, to working with craft elements such as plot, the workshops are suitable for beginner and experienced writers alike.

Each writer will benefit from two one-to-one mentoring sessions (one with Victoria and one with Jane)—a chance to dig deep and find the right direction for your work, whether your ambitions are to publish a book, commit to a regular practice, or simply find the joy in putting words on a page. And, lest the beach and swimming pool threaten to distract you, our regular Shut Up & Write sessions will be there to help you refocus. We’ll also have a reading and Q&A session with your tutors, and there’ll be a chance for you to share your own work.

Of course, there’ll be time to relax too. You’ll have one free day mid-week to explore the island.


“The retreat in 2018 was simply awesome. The location is stunning, the workshops are inspiring and I found a great balance between activities and having time to write. I consumed my weight in wine and goat products and came back a better writer for it.” – Dan


Week Two  – Friday October 9th to Friday October 16th

Maximum 13 writers

This is the week where you set your own timetable. Of course, breakfast and one-to-ones (two per student, one with Victoria and one with Jane) will be happening at set times, but you’ll be free to work on your project, wander the countryside or sit sipping coffee and writing to your own rhythm. Over the course of the retreat, there will be four optional get togethers (1-2 hours each) where you will read from your work, talk about the challenges you’re facing, share resources and tips, write together, or undertake writing exercises.

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