A project by SAND Journal and The Reader Berlin in partnership with Africavenir and SAVVY Contemporary for the Stadtsprachen Literaturfestival

Invited poets … Marie-Pascale Hardy/Alan Mills/Sarnath Banerjee/Binyavanga Wainaina/Goksu Kunak/Jane Flett/Kenny Fries/John Peck/Klaas von Karlos/Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt aka MoreBlackThenGod

Curated by Valentina Ramona de Jesús

“So it is better to speak remembering we were never meant to survive” –– Audre Lorde, The Black Unicorn, 1978.

“Cultivate a flavour that/grows from within/for the sake of our own/starvation” -– Marie Pascale Hardy, personal records, 2016.

This autumn we are delighted to invite you to two special poetic events, beginning with the ‘as if’ of poetry and other discourses on technology, a two-part day-long workshop on Sunday 30th October from 11am-5pm at SAVVY Contemporary e.V. (Plantagenstraße 31, Wedding).

Is the poem an artifact? Is technology a poetic medium? This workshop will explore the discursive and material connections that exist between poetry and technology.

This workshop serves as a space for both writers and all kind of sound enthusiasts to come together to reason around the issues surrounding the intersections between poetry and material technologies. Participants of all backgrounds and levels of experience are invited to join a group of selected artists and together with them coceptualize and create texts and sonic devices.

During the first part of the workshop, Donna Stonecipher will familiarize participants with alternative translation techniques that use sound, memory and one’s own relation to space as the tools to translate a poem. They will also explore the possibilities that exist for translating texts from a set language into the same language. Later, they will all have the chance to write their own ‘Homophic poems and translations’.

The second part of the workshop, led by the sound poets and performers of Rudolf Kollektiv, will focus on taking this poems and homophonic translations and translate them again into pure sound. To do this, participants learn to build a range of simple sonic artifacts (contact microphones, optical theremins – a light sensor noise device– and amplifiers) and use them to intervene the texts. In the process, the workshop will ask: In which ways can technology interfere the construction of a poetic language?  Tickets here.


sound and cerement//exhausting technologies


4th November 2016

18:00 – 00:00

SAVVY Contemporary e.V. (Plantagenstraße 31, Wedding)

All material that results from the workshop will be presented at an exhibition on the evening of Friday November 4th. The work produced by our invited authors and other participants will be displayed together with the other visual and sonic interventions created in the workshop. The poetry of the authors will be accompanied by the work of Rudolf collective and Klaas von Karlos, a matching that aims at exploring the intersections of noise and poetry.  Join us for a drink, to talk and mingle and enjoy the exhibition.

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