Marieke Bigg

MARIEKE BIGG writes about bodies and culture. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge, where she studied the technological transformation of human reproduction. She now writes both nonfiction and fiction about the cultural dimensions of biology and bodies. Her debut novel, Waiting for Ted (Dead Ink Press, forthcoming October 2022) was described by her agent as Sally Rooney meets Waiting for Godot meets The Stepford Wives – so it’s very weird! Her non-fiction debut, Misdiagnosed (Hachette, forthcoming January 2023), explores gender bias in medicine, drawing on scientific research, personal experience and cultural analysis.

In addition to her books, Marieke collaborates with scientists and biologists to discuss and produce art that conjures new social worlds. In her teaching, she is interested in working with underrepresented writers to develop new stories, by moving the body practically and thematically to the centre of their practice.

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