Important Information

You can find out more about our host and the beautiful La Macchina Fissa via the website or Facebook page. Also, you should know that

Delicious vegetarian food will be plentiful, but if you have further dietary restrictions (wheat, dairy, etc.), please email Victoria to discuss before you book. We want to accommodate you, but Clark will be preparing food thrice daily for 14 so we have to bear this in mind.

There are four shared bathrooms on the property – no ensuites. You’ll also be expected to lend a hand here and there, perhaps laying the table for a meal now and again, or loading a dishwasher. Nothing arduous we promise!

Mobile phone reception and internet connectivity, while present, are not of great quality. This is because the ancient Italian gods have decided you should be writing on your writing retreat, and not streaming Youtube videos.

There are goat and cats on the property, friendly ones – but just so you know! Also, while we’re visiting before mosquito season, if they love you, they’ll find you, even in June. The beds have nets, but perhaps bring some repellant if they think you’re tasty.

Unfortunately, the retreat is not wheelchair accessible. Please email us to if you have any physical limitations and are interested in attending and we can advise you.

Allow photos from our previous retreats to inspire you! Although we’ll be in Italy rather than Greece this time – so more wine and pasta, less tsipouro and tzatziki!



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