Find Your Muse – An Expressive Writing Workshop

Dimitra Didangelou is a novelist and psychologist who works with writers to free their creativity. Procrastination and avoidance affect beginners and published authors alike; second-guessing and self-criticism can sabotage all of us. Join Dimitra for a workshop that focuses on overcoming the blocks that inhibit writing freely, connecting with inspiration and expressing your voice without fear of criticism. Over four hours in a friendly and supportive environment, Dimitra will guide you through exercises, lead discussion and impart valuable tools that will make your writing practice more productive.

To sign up to this workshop, please email Dimitra directly at

DIMITRA DIDANGELOU is a psychologist, science journalist and author who aims to help people gain insight and enhance their creativity through expressive writing.

Alongside with campaigning to raise public awareness about mental health issues, she is the founder of “Expressing MySelf”, an Institute which offers online workshops promoting creative living. Her training includes Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing (The Center for Journal Writing in Denver, CO, USA), an MSc in Psychology and the Mass Media, a BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Philosophical Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Dimitra is a published novelist and author of many short stories.

Photograph: Tilman Vogler


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