Comics, Illustrated Narratives and Story Sequences with Judy Moore

In this workshop we’ll look at the relationship between words and pictures: how pictures can tell a story, how illustrations can elaborate on text, and the narrative possibilities this can open up in your own work. We’ll be looking at a wide variety of artists and discussing the techniques they use to incorporate stories and images, then using these skills to create our own zines, comics, illustrations and texts. We’ll dig deep into character development, discovering new layers and figuring out how this can be reflected in their design. There will also be the chance to draw on your own personal experience to create autobiographical works. We will also look closely at page layout, location, and narrative design techniques.

You don’t need any previous experience or drawing skills to take part!

Writers, this is a chance to break out of old patterns, expand storytelling skills, and gain a deeper understanding of story structure by thinking about visual language. But the course is also suited to visual artists who want to introduce elements of narrative into their work.


Judy Moore is a multifunctional artist and busy little bee. She writes the web comic memoir Everything is Somewhat Repaired and is working on a gothic romance comic about the movie star Montgomery Clift. She has exhibited extensively, including at Whose Museum, the National Portrait Gallery London, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. She’s been published in The Offing, Tank Magazine and Hobart and has taught at Bard College, London Art Academy and University of the Arts London.

Judy watches monster movies and eats too much candy in Berlin.

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