Cocktails, readings and a little piano music

Every month, or thereabouts, we take over Galander Bar in Kreuzberg for a Sunday Salon. Hosted by Victoria, the salon brings together author readings, live music, a lively audience of readers and writers and the best damn cocktails in town. Scroll down to see what’s coming up and for details of past salons!

If you’d like to read, simply bring 5-minutes’ worth of original material, preferably in some way related to the theme, and put your name in the hat (hat#1). We’ll draw five readers and after the music, we will welcome them to the mic to entertain us.

While tickets are free, at some point a second hat is going to be passed (hat#2) and we’d like you to put 2-5 euros in it. Why? Because these events can’t take place without the goodwill and assistance of a number of kind souls, and because every time the words, “Money? Afraid not … But the exposure will be good for your career,” passes the The Reader’s lips, somewhere a fairy dies.



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