Summer 2018 Retreats

Summer 2018 Writing Retreats

The Reader Berlin Summer 2018 Writing Retreat

June 14th–20th/20th – 26th

Pelion, Greece


Welcome to the mountainous peninsula of Pelion – home of quaint villages, deserted beaches, the centaurs of Greek myth…and The Reader’s 2018 writing retreat! (more…)


This year two brilliant writers and experienced tutors will be your hosts … (more…)

Programmes – Week 1 & 2

Week 1 – June 14th to 20th

Twelve lucky writers will join us in our family-run guesthouses for a series of workshops, one-to-one mentoring, and intimate writing sessions. Award-winning writer Jane Flett will take you on a writing bootcamp, with three workshops focussed on plotting, delving deep into character, and honing the elements of your craft. Meanwhile, expressive writing guru Dimitra Didangelou is on hand to free up your writing blocks, with workshops deep in the forest and on the beach at sunset… (more…)

Getting There


Flights go direct from Berlin to either Athens or Thessaloniki and take about 2.5 hours (cheapest round trip at present just €50, but these will hike so book, book, book!). We recommend flying to Thessaloniki as it’s a bit closer. However, Athens is a nice place to spend some time, so maybe you’ll come that way… (more…)

Costs and Booking

Costs and Booking:

Week 1: €595, or book before Mar 1st for an early bird price of €535.

Week 2: €465, or book before Mar 1st for an early bird price of €405.

Full retreat: €940, or book before Mar 1st for an early bird price of €880. (more…)

Further Information

We have two beautiful accommodation options in Pinakates, the Pinakoti Lodge and the Efipoi apartments. Both are utterly gorgeous and we’ll find the best option for you. Workshops will take place at Pinakoti. (more…)