Proofreading & Copyediting

Whether you are preparing to self-publish an eBook, submitting your MA thesis, or preparing text for your company website, accurate proofread English is vitally important. Spelling or grammatical mistakes, inconsistencies and poor layout will detract from your work, lose you marks in the case of academic work, and alienate readers.

Our copyediting service goes beyond proofreading since it aims to improve on quality as well as accuracy. This means weak areas of the text will be highlighted, suggested changes to structure and expression offered, and stylistic improvements recommended. Academic English and American English are within The Reader’s expertise.

Author PR

More and more authors are choosing to self-publish – and there are now numerous inspiring stories of authors who have reaped the rewards of choosing to go it alone. But, once your ebook is sitting on the webshelf, how do you turn all your hard work into sales?

Honestly, we have no idea (but we’re learning), but we know someone who does have the insight and expertise you’re looking for. If you are interested in learning more about author PR, or paying someone to do the work for you, then get in touch and we’ll hook you up!


Do you need an English translation of your writing? A good literary translation is much more than a mere word-for-word rendition. Sentence style, particular word choice and attention to cultural and linguistic nuances must be considered. Our translations are done by writers for writers.

Working together with, The Reader now offers literary translations of manuscripts and poetry collections originally written in German and Norwegian.

Corporate Copywriting & Editing


Since 2011, we’ve been copywriting for businesses in Berlin and beyond, crafting website texts, brochures, articles and marketing materials.

Our writers excel at creating clear, compelling content in a style that reflects the character and tone of your brand. From design agencies to travel groups, from NGOs to tech start ups, we can craft text to suit any audience, translating source materials where necessary.

As native English-speakers, we’re tuned to the nuances of English, and as professional writers, we know that storytelling is everything. If you’ve worked hard to make your products and services the best they can be, allow us to match that by creating beautiful, flowing prose that gets your message across.


From your website to your presentations and beyond, we can ensure your texts are in perfect English so what you have to say comes across clearly and succinctly.

For a quote or to discuss a project, email us and we’ll get straight back to you.

Line Editing

If you are fairly confident that your manuscript, story or article is in good shape without needing major structural revisions, then you may want to think about a line edit. A line edit differs from copyediting in that it addresses the creative content, writing style, and language use at the sentence and paragraph level.

A line edit focuses on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader. Is your language clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read? Make no mistake, line editing a book is a time-consuming and painstaking process, but not only will it improve your current manuscript, but a line edit will give you the creative tools to become a better writer in ways you can carry with you to future projects.


Coaching & Training

Corporate Workshops & Training


A good story, told with clarity, lies at the heart of effective communication. We offer in-house training and coaching in and around Berlin in the fields of writing, storytelling and creativity. Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, including gaming, advertising, NGOs, tech start ups, and PR.

As professional writers, we can pass on expert insight into the building blocks of storytelling, accessing creativity, streamlining the writing process, holding the reader’s attention, and communicating clearly and effectively.


Workshops we have led include:

Storytelling for Business

Writing Skills

Academic Writing

Style & Grammar

Writing for Advocacy

Blog Writing

Kickstart your Creativity

Writing for the Web


If you would like information about one-to-one coaching, one of the above workshops, or would like us to prepare a workshop tailored to the needs of your business, please email us at