Nov. 19th: *Online Event* Writing for Audio & Podcast Production with Munck Studios

The Reader Berlin is excited to bring in a resource to all of you podcasters and writers out there! Join us with Munck Studios on November 19th to learn all about writing for audio, podcast production, and new opportunities for storytellers of all kinds.

Date: Thursday, November 19
Time: 18:00-19:00
Location: Online—follow this Zoom link | Meeting ID: 705 940 8753 | Passcode: 254605
Entry: Free!

The goal of this event is to spark interest and ideas for English and German audio programming that Munck Studios could develop in partnership with you for the various public radio stations and audio platforms. You can see the presentation content below, and any questions you may have about writing for audio or what goes into producing a podcast can be sent ahead of time in this form here. That way we’re sure to address all the information you need and have a lively, interactive discussion. There’s no need to prepare anything on the day, but if you have any concepts, whether they be fiction, non-fiction, investigative journalism, audio drama, kids – whatever! – we’d be happy to hear about them and discuss on an individual project basis after the event as well.


Munck Studios is a Scandinavian audio, radio and podcast production company, founded in 2005, with offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and, since 2019, Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Germany (Berlin), where expansion into the German and English speaking markets has begun.


Munck Studios produces documentaries, audio dramas, non-fiction podcasts and various other audio formats for the public broadcasters of Scandinavia and are now also creating content for platforms such as Spotify, Audible, Podimo and other international radio stations like CBC in Canada. Our goal is to develop the best formats and ideas and work with talented authors, journalists, producers, sound designers, narrators, hosts and composers. We have a broad network of customers, who we are always in close contact with, meaning we know what type of content ideas they are looking for.

Zoom link here
Meeting ID: 705 940 8753
Passcode: 254605


Introduction: Ben Fawkes, Managing Director of Munck Studios Germany

This will be an overview of Munck Studios and the customers we work with. An explanation of the podcasting and audio market will be detailed but also what customers are looking for, what is trending in the podcast space, how we work with authors and producers and how we realise projects. The aim of this presentation is to inspire you to think of potential formats and concepts that Munck Studios could help realise with you for a potential customer.


Writing for audio: audio dramas and Danish Productions with Karen Albertsen

Karen is the managing director of Munck Studios Denmark. Karen has a wealth of experience developing all forms of podcasts and radio for the Danish market. Writing for audio from an audio drama perspective will be the main goal of this presentation, using audio examples of the work, but also her experiences with creating all varieties of content in Denmark will be presented.


Writing for audio: non-fiction productions with Nina Sauerland, Editor and Project Manager for Munck Germany

We have won a number of award winning productions in the ‘non-fiction’ space. From our German office, project manager and editor Nina Sauerland will share her experiences on developing these kinds of formats, what to take into consideration, clever techniques and what to keep in mind to keep your audience engaged from the first to the last minute.


Q&A from the audience

The producers will take questions from the audience. To get us started and ensure this event is as informative as possible, please feel free to send in your questions ahead of time here.


Ben Fawkes is the Managing Director of Munck Studios Germany, covering both the German and English speaking markets. Ben has spent the last 10 years working in audio, starting with 5 years at SoundCloud developing partnerships with audio publishers ranging from the BBC to Guardian, This American Life, NPR, WDR, Penguin, Harper Collins and more. Thereafter he spent 3 years at Deezer Germany commissiong original podcast content for the German market, which led to working with Munck Studios to open up the business in Berlin in July 2019.


Karen Albertsen is the general manager for Muncks Studios in Denmark and has been working with podcasts and radio for the last 17 years, and in the most recent years audio fiction as well. Munck Studios Denmark has until now produced six episodic audio fictions for Danish Radio and, together with her colleagues in Denmark, Karen has spent quite some time discussing the best way to write scripts for the ears.



Ever since she was a child growing up by the rough sea of Northern Germany, Nina Sauerland fell in love with her tape recorder and the German “Hörspiel” tradition. Nina has been engaged in learning about storytelling and music and holds both a masters degree in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication and a Bachelor’s Degree in Musicology and German Literature. In June 2020 she joined Munck Studios Berlin as podcast editor and project manager.

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