portrait of a dear one poster
  • Tutors: Clare Wigfall & Harriet Poole
  • Start date: 29 Sep 2016
  • End date: 30 Sep 2016
  • Time: 10:00 - 15:00
  • Where: juggleHUB Coworking
  • Maximum Participants: 16
  • Cost: 120 € + 15 € materials fee


Portrait of a Dear One promises to be a very special two-day workshop which will embrace creative writing, art, and simple book-making.  The first day, led by Faber and Faber author Clare Wigfall, invites you to spend time reflecting upon somebody who is dear to you.  This might be a lover, a parent, a grandparent, a child, or even a best friend.  With Clare’s gentle guidance, you will create a body of written work in which you explore your relationship with that person and consider precisely what makes them special to you.

Before day one’s close, Artist Educator Harriet Poole will introduce various techniques with which you can begin illustrating your words, such as mixed media, mono printing and hand-made stamps.  Day two will give you the opportunity to continue with your experiments before drawing these together with your work from the previous day to create a simple but beautiful artist’s book. Materials such as repurposed vintage book covers and a selection of old and textured papers will be provided.  This workshop guarantees to be inspiring, thoughtful, and enriching, and at its close you will go home with an exquisite handmade book which you could give to your loved one or simply treasure for yourself.

This workshop is open to people with all levels of experience in writing and art, for example you may be experienced in one field but totally new to the other, or maybe it is all new to you: all you need is a desire to exercise your natural creativity.  Both tutors will be present for the full duration of the course to assist you at any point.  The workshops will be conducted in English but all nationalities are warmly welcome.  Childcare is available through juggleHUB (at additional cost) to make this workshop accessible to parents.

CLARE WIGFALL – A graduate of the prestigious UEA Masters Programme, Clare has been teaching creative writing for over a decade and has taught workshops all over Europe, including for the Arvon Foundation and the BBC.  In addition, she has long held a passion for art, having studied at the Camberwell College of Art as well as running a successful life class in Prague, and has been crafting handmade books since she was a youngster.  This workshop offers an unbeatable opportunity to work closely with an author described as “an assured literary conjuror” (The Guardian) and the author of tales “sorrowful, disturbing and darkly beautiful” (London Review of Books).  Her debut story collection The Loudest Sound and Nothing was published by Faber and Faber to critical acclaim in 2007 and the following year its opening story was given the BBC National Short Award.  She is currently working on a new collection of stories and is under commission following that to write a novel set in early 20th century British Malaya based on incidents in the lives of her grandmother and great-grandmother.

HARRIET POOLE – Harriet has a BA in Fine Art and MA in Theatre (Visual Language of Performance, Wimbledon College of Art, London).  She has made many performative events exploring storytelling, including in London at The Nunnery, Camden People’s Theatre, Duckie @ The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and durational performances in Alte Saline, Hallein, Austria.  She especially loves beautifully illustrated books, intimate stories that explore the commonality of human experience, vintage and homemade craft, and creating artworks across live art, photography, video, illustration and craft.  Harriet is a qualified teacher of 17 years across adult education, colleges, schools, kindergartens  and the wider community.  Harriet is a diverse Arts Educator, and was Director of Visual Arts and Design at The BRIT School, London for 12 years.
In April 2014 she began b r e a t h e with art, Adult printmaking workshops and is well known for her innovative person-centred Family Arts Lab, little art, in Prenzlauer Berg.  She has taught at Berlin Bilingual School, Cosmopolitan School, and Kindergartens across Berlin.