Mathilde Ramadier

MATHILDE RAMADIERis from Southern France and now lives between Berlin and Arles. After a first degree as a graphic designer, she went on to study æsthetics and psychoanalysis at the University Paris VIII and obtained an MA in contemporary philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure. Since 2012, she works as a writer, scriptwriter, and translator – mostly writing graphic novels and essays while working with illustrators, publishers, and magazines.

Mathilde has conducted various workshops on creative writing and visual representation at the EMA art school in Châlon, the Lycée Français of Oslo, Atelier-Refuge, and the International Comic Festival of Erlangen, Germany. She also lectures on ecology and social issues like feminism and labour rights, and has given talks at University Paris VIII, EHESS School in Paris, Mairie de Paris, Frankfurt Book Fair, the Cité des Sciences of Paris, among others. Her talk at a TEDx Conference is forthcoming in April 2019. Her books have been translated in German, English, Spanish, Korean, Italian, and Greek.

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