Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Course tutor: Susanna Forrest
When: Mondays 20:00-22:00
Date: October 31, 2022
Where: Online
Number of sessions: 7
Maximum participants: 12
Cost: €225 (incl. VAT)

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Creative nonfiction embraces genres from memoir to reportage, travel, criticism, history, science, polemic and more, and that’s without even bringing up the multitude of voices, languages and styles it encompasses. It’s a lively and often messy arena where the definition of “factual” has often been handled just as creatively as vocabulary, and writers’ choices have not always been ethical.

This course celebrates and explores the creative nonfiction landscape and provides an introduction to using it to turn your experience, curiosity and research into written work. We’ll discuss the tools you can use and the questions you need to address, and how to build writing and, more importantly, thinking about writing, into your day. There will be time and prompts for creating your own material, and we’ll also explore a diverse series of nonfiction extracts by authors from around the world.

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SUSANNA FORREST is the author of two critically acclaimed nonfiction titles that incorporate history, travel, memoir and reportage. Her latest, The Age of the Horse, was described as “superb” (Economist) and “a fascinating, lucid and sometimes elegantly literary book” (Sydney Morning Herald).

Susanna is currently working on Amazons of Paris, a book based on a series of biographical essays about nineteenth-century circus stars first published on the Paris Review Daily blog. She has written for LitHub, NPR Food, The Atlantic, the New York Times, the Guardian and Spiegel Online, among others. She lives in Sweden.

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