Becoming a Better Writer: Deep Reading 2 with Michael Duszat

  • Course Tutor: Michael Duszat
  • When: Fridays 10:00-12:00
  • Start date: 3 Sep 2021
  • Where: Online
  • Number of Sessions: 7
  • Maximum Participants: 10
  • Cost: €150

Great literature is an immense source of know-how – if you know where to look. Over this seven week course, in-depth, microscopic explorations of the best writings will allow you to reverse-engineer the means and tricks that writers have used to construct their masterpieces. We’ll look at classic and contemporary authors such as Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Samuel R. Delaney, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Leonora Carrington.In-class writing exercises will build directly on what you’ve learned and allow you to refine your own style with the same attention to detail. You’ll learn how to use rhythm and sound to tell a story, how to make mere description captivating, and how to create a voice or point of view in a few sentences. Furthermore, you’ll share your own work in a friendly, informal, and supportive environment. No advance reading of any book necessary; neither is attendance of Deep Reading 1. Beginners and non-native speakers welcome.

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Michael Duszat studied English and German Literature and Language, gradually discovering the virtues of slow reading while falling behind on his reading list. After getting a Dr. phil. in American Studies, he developed his own Deep Reading workshops as a way for readers and writers of all kinds to engage with literature. He likes writing collage essays, documentary poetry, weird short fiction, and other obscure forms. In his spare time, he offers editing and coaching services, as well as German language lessons.


Deep Reading with Michael Duszat is a riveting and absorbing way to spend two hours! The texts are varied and well chosen and the attention to detail at the level of the sentence combined with the freedom to free-associate is such a powerful way of learning and developing as a writer. I learned a lot – and not always what I expected – by the in-class and homework assignments. Michael is attentive, thoughtful, good humoured and witty, and the other course members were so engaging and thougtful, all of which made for a rich and enjoyable experience. I’d encourage anyone who’s interested in words and writing to do this course at least once. —K Lockwood Jefford, UK.

“I looked forward to Deep Reading every week and the time flew by as we examined outstanding prose line by line, word by word. What was this author trying to make us feel, and how was she achieving it? Followed by fun exercises using what we learned and a final voluntary deep dive into our own work. Every session a joy!” – Katy Derbyshire


“I have been using the techniques from class as I do final edits on my latest two stories, and they are working wonderfully. I am creating better sentences and making wiser word choices because of the process. I plan on implementing this on all my stories. It’s great!” – David Weinberger


“ I have come to remember how much I love reading, and I feel the drive to read literature again after years of “not having time”. The experience of going deep into a text has also contributed to a general feeling of slowing down and relaxation. Deep reading is a great mindfulness exercise in which to experience presence and focus, a luxury in times of constant bombarding with information which we can only process superficially. ” – María Machón


“This was a fantastic course that I looked forward to each week, with great guidance from our tutor Michael, and fascinating conversation from all the participants. I enjoyed deep reading new texts with the group, and learning from them to improve my own writing. I finally finished my short story thanks to one of the homework assignments and am looking forward to developing my writing, and taking the class again.” – Katie Probert


 “A friend recommended Michael’s class to me and I am so glad she did – I have learnt so much and feel like I’ve gained so many useful tools over the past two months. Michael’s way of gently guiding us through the texts and leaving room for us to think was fantastic, and I feel it’s really given me a burst of creativity.” – Rachel Preece


“I’ve always been a fast reader and zoom through books. This course helped me to slow down and really savor the sentences and unpack what the writer is doing. It made me think through how I’m creating my sentences and what it is that readers might see in them. Invaluable! Michael is also a wry and calm presence guiding us through our analysis.” – S. Martin


“The course gave me a better understanding of my reading and writing skills. It also gave me more courage to share my thoughts in a group setting. I developed further compassion towards other peoples writing, as I experienced the inner turmoil when having to create something in class or for homework. Through our deep reading discussions, the authors behind books are no longer just anonymous ‘somebodies’ but people who have put a lot of work and effort towards the end result.” – Liina

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