Meet Shana!

My name is Rashana, but I’ve gone by Shana since I was in middle school and it just stuck. I’ve always enjoyed writing and decided that I wanted to be an author while doing my early years of college in nyc. I switched my major to creative writing and started working on my story. New York is full of distractions though, and there’s this weird pressure to go into finance or business or consulting or anything else where you can make money easily. I felt myself getting lost and decided I needed a change. When I told my friends I wanted to move, a few of them mentioned Berlin. They said that I would love it here and that it was great for writers and creative people. Trusting my friends and how well they know me, I took the chance and moved here.
Since moving to Berlin I’ve been consistently encouraged to pursue my dream of writing and just be myself. I haven’t felt any pressure to choose a more typical career, and have only been met with excitement when I tell others I’m writing a book. Well, two actually. A non-fiction novel and a memoir. Although these two stories have been spinning around in my head for a few years now, started and restarted, I’ve finally written a start I’m satisfied with and kept going. I feel constantly motivated thanks to the positive feedback I’ve received, and I feel.. happy. I feel really happy here. I feel a sense of freedom I never thought I’d experience.
Despite the lockdown I’ve been able to make a lot of good friends and meet interesting people, and thanks to The Reader Berlin I’ve also been able to feel like a part of a larger writing community for the first time.
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