Imagination Unfurled: Write More, Write Better, Write Naturally – PART TWO

  • Course Tutor: Clare Wigfall
  • When: Wednesday mornings, 11:00-13:00
  • Start date: 7 Aug 2019
  • Where: Prenzlauer Berg
  • Number of Sessions: 7 - (no class August 28th)
  • Maximum Participants: 10
  • Cost: 180 euro

For those who have completed Clare’s Part One course and are eager for more, we are thrilled to be offering a follow-up course. This will most likely be the only time this course is offered in 2019, so don’t miss this opportunity. Workshops will continue in a similar vein, with a balance of critical discussion and guided exercises to inspire new work and creativity. You’ll be challenged to explore unfamiliar techniques and genres that you might not have previously considered, such as dystopian fiction and writing in a historical context. You’ll also have the chance to get to grips with some thoroughly unlikeable characters, as well as exploring how to mine your own experience for inspiration. Encouragement and guidance will be given to help you with shaping your ideas into fully developed writing and, new to this course, you will be given an invaluable opportunity to workshop a piece of your own work with the group. The course will be surprising, it will be fun, and at times it will be demanding, but what is guaranteed is that once again you will end it with a notebook crammed full of words and ideas. As you already know from experience, it’s quite certain that Clare’s workshops will stimulate your imagination; where you let that imagination take you now is up to you!

Part Two is designed for students who have already taken Clare’s IMAGINATION UNFURLED – PART ONE course (previously entitled Kickstart Your Imagination)


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Clare is currently applying to the Berlin Senate for Bildungsurlaub accreditation for this course, meaning that if you are a Berlin employee you will have the right to receive paid time off from your work to attend this course. Please be in touch if this would be of interest to you.

A graduate of the prestigious UEA Masters Programme, Clare has taught writing workshops all over Europe, including for the Arvon Foundation, the BBC, CIEE, and is presently a faculty member of Bard College Berlin; she is approachable, generous with her experience, and her teaching has an energy that never fails to inspire her students. Suitable for advanced writers to total beginners, this special workshop series guarantees to inspire. It also offers an unbeatable opportunity to work with an author described as “so good she gives you chills” (The Guardian) and the author of tales “sorrowful, disturbing and darkly beautiful” (London Review of Books). Her debut story collection The Loudest Sound and Nothing was published by Faber and Faber to critical acclaim in 2007 and the following year its opening story was given the BBC National Short Award. She is currently completing a new collection of stories and is under commission following that to write a novel set in early 20th century British Malaya. In 2017 she was was awarded an eight-month residency at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart and in the spring of 2018, Edition Solitude published a German translation of selected stories from her first collection entitled Alles, was ich über Zahlen weiss.